Our Story

Mono Mate began as a simple idea among friends in the lush landscapes of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Passionate about the traditional South American herb, Yerba Mate, they envisioned a brand that would resonate with both the health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers globally.

Humble Beginnings

The founders, a diverse group of environmentalists, health enthusiasts, and community activists, were united by their love for the land and its products. Recognizing the potential of Yerba Mate as a sustainable and healthful beverage, they set out to craft a product that was both nutritious and ethically produced.

The Journey

As the brand gained popularity, Mono Mate maintained its commitment to ethical sourcing and production, supporting the local economy and minimizing environmental impact. Their approach has been integral in preserving the cultural and ecological heritage of Costa Rica.

The Vision Forward

Today, Mono Mate is not just a beverage; it's a symbol of health, community, and sustainability. As they look to the future, the company is focused on expanding its reach while staying true to its roots, aiming to introduce the world to the vibrant spirit of Costa Rica.

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